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Sierra Heights Construction 2_2024

Major construction upgrades and improvements have begun at Sierra Heights Elementary School thanks to overwhelming voter support in the November 2022 School Construction election measure.

The construction improvements are being phased in over the next couple of years. One of the first projects underway is installing a secure-entrance vestibule like those recently installed at nearly all other district schools. A secure-entrance vestibule is an enclosed area between the outside door of the school and the inside door. When a visitor arrives, they enter the vestibule and are directed to check into the main office, but do not have free access into the school.

As part of that safety feature, we are also reconfiguring some classrooms and the teacher break room to allow us to move the front entrance of the school to the south side of the building (currently the school bus drop off area).

To complete these important projects in a timely manner, the work is being conducted during the school day. As you can imagine, this kind of construction will take time and include some noise and excitement at school. However, our district Capital Projects Department has worked now for several years on construction projects at other district schools that take part during the school day. Our contractors have experience in keeping the construction area zoned off for student and staff safety and keeping noise and disruption to a minimum. They also provide great opportunities for our students to see important trades work happening right in their own school. 

Principal Laura Bohn will provide students, families, and staff with more information and updates as we continue these important improvement projects.