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Please remember, students must not arrive to school prior to 8:45 AM Monday -Thursday, and 10:10 AM on Fridays. Students must be picked up by 3:35 PM.  If you wish to make a change to your child’s afterschool transportation the office MUST be notified by 3:15 PM to ensure the change is communicated to all parties.

  •  Before school, only parents with their own child(ren) can wait outside in front of the school in the designated waiting area, 3 ft. apart from other parties, and parents are expected to supervise their children always.
  • When parents pick up their child(ren) after school, they are to wait socially distanced 3 ft. apart in the designated Parent Waiting Area.  
  • Adults must use the crosswalk to escort or pick up their child(ren).
  • At dismissal time, students must walk from classrooms to bus loading zone, crosswalks and/or to meet parents.
  • Walkers are to go directly home after dismissal unless they are staying for prearranged, after school activities.
  • In-line skates, skateboarding, bicycling and scooter riding are not allowed on school property.

Parking Lot GoalTo ensure a safe and orderly process for arrival and dismissal of students at Sierra Heights.

If you transport your child(ren) to or from school, please use the north parking lot which is the main entrance to the school. The bus loading zone is located at the south end of the building and is for staff parking and buses only. We ask that you:

  • When entering, or leaving the parking lot, vehicles will form a single file lane and remain in the single file lane.
  • Drivers dropping off or picking up students will continuously move forward in the single file lane until the vehicle is positioned in the loading zones (between the 2 speed bumps). If you know your child is not always out right away, please park so you do not hold up the loading line. Students will be lined up 3 ft. apart at the designated cones. 
  • Students must enter the car on the passenger side. If your car is not arranged this way please adjust your car seats.

Once stopped between the 2 speed bumps, students can safely enter or exit the vehicle., on the passenger side. Parents please stay in your car. 

  • DO NOT park or leave your vehicle unattended in the Fire Lane
  • All drivers transporting students to or from school by vehicle must follow these safety procedures. 

Please help us keep kids safe! If we all follow this procedure the parking lot moves smoothly, and everyone gets where they need to be. Please be patient and avoid honking.

Student safety is the highest priority of the Renton School District.  Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that all students are under appropriate supervision until they return to you a the end of their school day. School is dismissed at 3:35PM Monday-Friday. Please pick up your child promptly. Thank you.